Gripple with Java


Gripple (tm) is a 2-dimensional puzzle from m-squared corporation. It is built of 16 buttons, that have to be grouped in their 4 different colours. The buttons are mounted on 5 overlapping wheels and can be moved by turning the wheels.
There exists a mechanical version of the game; unfortunately I didn't find any dealer on the web. The java-version here on the right side differs in two characteristics from the mechanical one:
  • The wheels can't be moved by hand. You have to click on the left or right side of the wheel to turn it counterclockwise or clockwise, respectively.
  • The game is not static. If there is no movement, it begins to self-solve after 7 seconds. Once solved, it is shuffled after 5 seconds and rebegins to solve. After shuffling or at any other moment, you can intervene and search for a solution by yourself. Just don't pause for more than 7 seconds, because self-solving will begin.
Your browser does not support Java (Version 1), or you have turned off the java-extension. Turn on java, get another browser and look at the game on the original picture. (It's not the full pleasure).

Suspicious minds could say that the game keeps track of the turns while shuffling, and goes the same way back for solving. You can make the following test: shuffle by yourself by clicking arbitrarily on different wheels. The game will (almost ever) take another and - as I hope - shorter way back.



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